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Size Optimization

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Size Optimization.

The profile system is based on specific body types that have been created through extensive and “high touch” development processes that involve actually trying various garments on varying body types.

This special issue is a guide to suppliers of software and related IT solutions to the apparel marketplace, including vendor contact information, operating system requirements and a round-up of functions and services.

Collected data from RFID tags gives the company visibility into customer sizing, preferences and product demand by revealing how customers are interacting with an item on the store floor.

The company has become known for its fun color play, its razor-slim fits, its “quiet” details and a focus on getting the right fit before you buy.

With unified enterprise systems for greater inventory visibility, algorithms designed to gain deeper product and customer insights, 3D for faster and more efficient design and development, and much much more, this year’s Innovators are addressing and fulfilling consumer demand.

Across shoe brands and even within shoe brands, sizing standards are nonexistent. Now there's a way to get the right fit when you shop for children's shoes online.


From sustainability and artificial intelligence to automating workflows, doubling down on fit technology and perfecting patterns, this year’s innovative cohort shows that there’s no wrong way to move your business forward and rise above the competition - even as the stakes get higher every day.

Iconic brand Jordache turns to virtual fit processes to reduce its number of samples and time to market.

Apparel retailers and brands are trying to meet the needs of millions of markets of one. That’s not easy, but smart and thoughtful strategy combined with technologies such as AI are making it possible for this subscription-model retailer, and many others.

The most sensible solution to excessive retail return is to fix the industry-wide issue related to product sizing.

Park Avenue Apparel will license the Little Black Pant brand and Fitlogic technology to make ready-to-wear clothing for its in-house labels and for other retail brands.

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