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Tim Gunn enthralled the audience of apparel industry professionals at Gerber Technology's annual ideation conference.

Why Tim Gunn "Felt Like Rip Van Winkle"

The eminently quotable Tim Gunn shared his wide-ranging thoughts on apparel technology’s evolution, the importance of diversity in fashion, embracing risks, sustainability and more at Gerber Technology’s ideation conference in Los Angeles.

Nordstrom CEO on Going Local

Nordstrom's recent localization efforts are part of a wider push to serve customers on their terms.

Diesel CEO Stefano Rosso shared his perspective on what’s happening in fashion and where it’s headed next.

Diesel CEO Stefano Rosso shared his perspective on what’s happening in fashion and where it’s headed next.

Whether you began planning early or are just now strategizing for the holidays, here are some tips to maximize your online sales strategy.

With the battle for attention at an all-time high, apparel retailers must look for ways to attract holiday shoppers through all available avenues, and there are new channels rolled out every year.


INFOGRAM: Building Customer Retention and Loyalty Across Channels

7/6/2017 — Today’s supply chains can also be much simpler because of technology solutions that allow for transparency into one version of the truth, in real time, on one single platform.


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See Skateboarders Test Concept Jeans Made With Durable Denim with Dyneema

The short film ‘Love of the Fall’ follows skateboarders testing abrasion and tear-resistant concept jeans at Marseille's legendary Prado Bowl.

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Rethinking Retail: Reinvention Required, Even Without Silver Bullets or Magic Wands

For several years, “innovation” has been one of the hottest topics in retail. With so much change and disruption taking place all around, it’s easy to see why retailers have been so eager to find silver bullet solutions to their in-store traffic and market share woes. 


Black Friday? Grey November? Does it Even Matter Anymore?

What even is holiday shopping these days?


The Even Odder Ways Smartphones Are Changing Our Shopping Habits

We often talk about how technology, in particular the smartphone, is changing how people shop, and how retailers are striving to respond, whether that’s with omnichannel inventory management and fulfillment, downsizing brick-and-mortar stores or adding digital to them. Because it’s really all

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