YCD Introduces New Analytics Module for Retail Stores with HP and Retalix

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YCD Introduces New Analytics Module for Retail Stores with HP and Retalix

YCD Multimedia, a provider of smart digital media solutions, introduced at NRF the new YCD Analytics module for the company’s Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform (RAMP), as part of a demonstration with HP and Retalix. The combined solution enables retailers to manage products, prices and marketing campaigns more easily and is fully compliant with HP’s new line of retail products designed for Point-of-Sale (POS) digital media.

The new module lets users analyze the effectiveness of digital display-based marketing campaigns and ads on sales. It has access to the POS systems and can analyze the correlation between displays and actual sales, and includes a feature that provides a deeper look into the correlation with respect to various categories such as individual store departments, geographical regions and location.

YCD RAMP offers one platform for retailers to manage their digital in-store media workflow. For example, a new digital campaign can be uploaded by an ad agency, approved by corporate headquarters and distributed to all or any subset of the retailer’s locations to be played immediately or scheduled for a later time. A built-in content creation tool lets a regional office or individual store customize and generate its own promotions to suit its local needs.

The combined solution allows retail businesses to automatically manage their products, prices and marketing campaigns, transforming “raw material” (such as data and images) automatically into digital promotional content through a user-friendly interface. Consumers are only presented with the most relevant content — such as product price and availability — triggered in real time from the Retalix® Promotion Management application.

for more information: www.ycdmultimedia.com