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Workflow Management

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Workflow Management.

The Rising Importance of MDM and UEM to Enterprise Mobility in Retail

Those apparel retailers who are embracing digital transformation (DX) initiatives designed to address the customer experience, and embedding a culture of continual innovation into their operations, will be among the survivors, if not leaders, in their segment.

DeSL Launches SMB PLM

The newly launched solution is tailored to fit the demands of SMBs in a scalable, easy to learn, cloud-based software solution.

This year’s group of 26 Apparel Innovator Award winners is pushing the barriers when it comes to satisfying consumer demand. Read on to learn about a wide range of innovations ranging from unique product offerings to smart uses of technology.

Insight #2: They don't like reports.


From sustainability and artificial intelligence to automating workflows, doubling down on fit technology and perfecting patterns, this year’s innovative cohort shows that there’s no wrong way to move your business forward and rise above the competition - even as the stakes get higher every day.

As you standardize your processes to reduce product development times, improve product quality, or better integrate design and development productivity, PLM can serve as the hub for your business.

In the quest to offer excellent customer service, apparel retailers realize that best-in-class order management and fulfillment is a differentiator and necessary for survival.

This special issue is a guide to suppliers of software and related IT solutions to the apparel marketplace, including vendor contact information, operating system requirements and a round-up of functions and services.

Plus! Industry Perspectives

8th Annual Research Study:
PLM strategies are maturing. Early benefits from cost savings have been achieved and continue to be supported, and now apparel companies are increasingly viewing PLM as providing a critical platform for the next round of competitive evolution.

The complexity to feed progressively more consumer-driven and locally-tuned retail strategies is requiring apparel companies to drive sourcing and PLM linkages harder and faster than ever before.

While both labor and rent costs are increasing for chain store retailers, so are consumer expectations for product availability, knowledge and fast service.

And many of them have contributed to the 35 million jobs complete on Natural Insight's platform.

Apparel brands and retailers can use the feature, dubbed Burst, to capture videos with their iPhones, iPads or Android devices, and upload video files to FastFit360's cloud computing platform.

Visual 2000 will market Lifeceyecle’s web-based Timereaction workflow management software both as a stand-alone service and as an integrated, add-on module to its ERP solution.

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