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A collection of featured Whitepapers.

Designers and consumers are adapting to the current digital revolution while the fashion marketplace is becoming more fast-paced and complex. How do you maintain a high standard of design quality without compromising your profit margins? Download the article to find out!


To seize omnichannel opportunities, fashion retailers must address what products they have, where they are and when they (plus new products) can be delivered to specific destinations.  Click here to download now.

Facing Amazon's endless aisle and shoppers' omnichannel expectations, retailers are regrouping and in some cases revolutionizing how they plan and allocate merchandise.

Global e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Download this white paper today to learn how to create a frictionless global e-commerce experience for your customers by leveraging a cloud-based GTM solution.

New retail technologies can help planning and allocation teams stay in synch, giving fashion brands the tools to help transform their performance and deliver truly compelling collections.

With proper preparation and flexible rollout, businesses can enable and support their workforce to be ready and willing to embrace 3D, fueling product collaboration and connectivity.

The key to survival in the new world is visibility across the supply chain, and the only way to achieve visibility is through the use of a truly integrated information system.
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Learn how to avoid these pitfalls and create a positive consumer shopping experience that will drive revenue.

RFID's speed, accuracy and operational applications make it a good it for item-level tagging.

Case Study of outdoor gear manufacturer Hagl's, will identify the benefits such solutions offer, including faster time to market, improved responsiveness and agility and higher quality levels.

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