[TC]2 Launches Full-Body Scanner Under $10K

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[TC]2 Launches Full-Body Scanner Under $10K

[TC]² announced the availability of its next generation scanner, the KX-16. Priced at $10,000, the KX-16 offers a full body coverage and is a full featured, changing-room sized, color commercial body scanning product with worldwide availability. The KX-16 leverages the emergence of low-cost 3D scanning sensors, such as the Microsoft XBOX Kinect sensor, which utilizes technology from Primesense Corporation.

[TC]² is the world leader in 3D body scanning with almost 200 3D body scanning sites around the world supported by a network of ten distributors. [TC]2's first body scanner (3T6) was released in 1997 and was $200,000 and required 200 square feet. The KX-16 represents a 20X reduction in price and a 10X reduction in size from that first product.

KX-16 3D Body Scanner
The KX-16 is one-third the price of [TC]²'s current
market-leading body scanning product, the NX-16, while maintaining its 20-square-foot footprint and 16 sensor design. The placement of sensors around the body at four specific heights and at four specific angles was first developed with the NX-16 scanner.

This arrangement was determined based on analyzing the body size, shape, and features of tens of thousands of individuals so that the most accurate and complete body scans could be taken of any subject. 3D body scanners have been used for human body surveys over the past twenty years, but the NX-16 and KX-16 scanners are the first scanners designed using data from those same surveys. In addition, having a small footprint is crucial with the new depth sensors as the data quality is excellent close to the body, but is not as good further away.

Scan Subject – Raw Data – Body Model and Measurements – Avatar and Virtual Fashion

In addition to matching the footprint of the NX-16, the KX-16 similarly comes with an attached zero-square footage changing room and the full suite of [TC]² Body Scanning software functionality including:
  • automatic body measurements at over 400 unique points
  • manual measurement software features
  • embedded size selection for stock size apparel
  • embedded Made-to-Measure output features for custom apparel for major apparel CAD systems
  • automatic 3D digital avatar creation from the scan including face texturing from a photo
  • Virtual Fashion feature to allow virtual try-on of clothes in only "seconds" per garment
  • body shape and body composition (body fat) analysis tools
  • fully private scan mode with computer voice instructions and self-scan control button
[TC]² 3D body scanner main markets are in the Apparel, Health and Fitness, and Medical application areas and the KX-16 now makes possible many of the business models that both entrepreneurs and majors companies have dreamed about and considered.

The KX-16 matches previous scanner features, and exceeds them in several areas including:
  • Color scan data is acquired
  • It has low sensitivity to room light or sharp color contrasts on the scan subjects
  • Yields over 2 million data points at full body resolution
An electronic brochure for the KX-16 can be downloaded here.

[TC]2 produced the first working prototype of a depth sensor based full body scanner in January of 2011. A video on that system can be viewed here.

A later prototype using 16 depth sensors was demonstrated in October 2011 and can be viewed here.