This Startup Lets Women Share Their Designer Fashions

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This Startup Lets Women Share Their Designer Fashions

Women's fashion is always changing, and high quality comes at a high price. Thanks to DesignerShare, there's now a marketplace for women to share their designer clothes, shoes and accessories with one another — turning the typical female bonding experience into a virtual community.

Unlike other fashion rental businesses, DesignerShare is the first truly peer-to-peer platform, empowering women as both lenders and renters. Whether she's in need of a designer dress for a weekend wedding or looking to turn a profit on her Prada handbag, all she has to do is create a free online account and begin sharing. DesignerShare does the rest — including delivery and dry-cleaning with its exclusive partner, Tide Spin.

"We wanted something that is very community-based and empowering, and allows women to have the best because we all deserve the best," says CEO Sarah Perkins as she and president Bill Meyer came up with the concept.

Currently servicing women in the Chicagoland area, DesignerShare boasts a range of high-end designers including Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and more, and all items are worth at least $200 at original retail value. The lender can rent her merchandise at a weekly rate of her choosing, and she receives her payment at the end of the rental period. In addition, a $5 lender protection fee is added to each rental to ensure that items are returned to their lender in mint condition. Renters are responsible for the full retail cost of an item should it be damaged beyond repair.