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Your premier headquarters for the latest news and original content on apparel retail intelligence, from omnichannel and e-commerce to BOPIS, holiday shopping trends, innovative apparel retail experiences, developments in social media, augmented reality and virtual reality, and more.

2018 Technology Outlook in the Apparel Market

Apparel's survey of apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers reveals expectations for technology focus in the coming year, including an emphasis on BI and analytics for gleaning an even deeper understanding of the consumer.

3 Ways to Win the Loyalty of the Omnichannel Consumer

To effectively deliver on omnichannel and wow the consumer, retailers and brands must focus on accuracy, consistency and perfecting the returns process.

Four new showrooms opening this spring are making the made-to-measure experience more physical, with fabrics you can touch and feel, and personal stylists to help with limitless customization options.

Consumers today are inundated with more marketing messages than ever before, so it’s crucial to create a meaningful connection with them. You’ll want to steer clear of these five things.

Its new translated website enables the footwear retailer to build loyalty among its key Hispanic customer base.

Half of customers say they’d keep shopping with a brand after a creepy experience, but, crucially, 22 percent report they will leave for other brands.

Rent-the-Runway feeds closed-loop data to its partners, Nordstrom gets closer to the consumer with AI, Tilly’s wins big with AR, Roots Canada goes all out with Northern Lights digital gift guide, Walmart’s Store No 8 takes on innovation and much, much more.

I’m excited to be working with Apparel because it crosses the entire supply chain to encompass the best of both worlds — retailer and manufacturer.

Despite the store closures making headlines, the physical store still plays perhaps the most important role in omnichannel retail.

Every tech solution that a brand has seen was a solution to someone else’s challenge. Don’t let one-size-fits-all tech undermine the real motivation to activate a physical space.

With 84 percent of people celebrating Valentine's Day, retailers are feeling the love.

The new solution enables companies to improve omnichannel customer experiences, leverage stores as fulfillment centers, and tap into an underutilized supply of global inventory.

The No. 1 denim brand is bringing its heritage to modern-day lifestyles with technology, music, innovation and new partnerships and collaborations.

At some point every great wise man needs a younger disciple to spread his knowledge. Socrates had Plato, Johnson had Boswell, and Alan Flusser has had numerous acolytes revolving around him like planets around a life-giving sun.

Ralph Lauren nabs this former Burberry director of digital marketing for its new chief digital officer role, and adds several other new leaders to support its e-commerce evolution.

Drone delivery. Autonomous vehicles. AI bots. The retail logistics market is on the cusp of huge disruption.

By most counts, 2018 is not a year retail industry will see downward trajectory.

AI, 3D, Amazon, blockchain, omnichannel, reshoring and demands for sustainability are transforming the apparel industry.

With Amazon continuing to expand its footprint and the rise of new technologies such as AI and VR, there are several important questions looming over the e-commerce landscape at the end of 2017 – and a wide array of opportunities available to marketers in the years to come.

Nordstrom knows that salespeople should be as loyal to the brand as its customers.

U.S. shoppers are omnichannel shoppers, with 88 percent of consumers researching products online before buying in-store.

Contextual analytics allow retailers to better personalize the in-store experience, leading to an increase in basket size and more engaged customers.

In this exclusive Apparel Magazine report, you’ll find inspiring profiles of tomorrow’s young leaders evolving our industry for the future.

The Top Millennials (and one Gen Zer): the headlines might have you believe they’re all entitled, lazy, [insert negative adjective here] but as you’ll see from this collection of outstanding young professionals, the under-30 crowd has the entrepreneurial spirit in spades.

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