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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Industry Movers & Shakers.

In this exclusive Apparel Magazine report, you’ll find inspiring profiles of tomorrow’s young leaders evolving our industry for the future.

Apparel Presents: The Top Under-30 Elite

The Top Millennials (and one Gen Zer): the headlines might have you believe they’re all entitled, lazy, [insert negative adjective here] but as you’ll see from this collection of outstanding young professionals, the under-30 crowd has the entrepreneurial spirit in spades.


2017 Top Innovators

From sustainability and artificial intelligence to automating workflows, doubling down on fit technology and perfecting patterns, this year’s innovative cohort shows that there’s no wrong way to move your business forward and rise above the competition - even as the stakes get higher every day.

PLM Report

With the latest evolution, PLM encourages more inclusivity for multiple internal teams and external suppliers. It also enables greater process automation and analysis of important product development and supply chain information.

A picture is emerging that supports the marriage of a PLM strategy and the technology backbone to design and develop apparel and soft goods products that are increasingly likely to embed internet-enabled technologies.

In the fashion industry, if you aren't moving forward, chances are you are falling behind. Read on to find out what's hot now and what lies ahead.

Rent-the-Runway feeds closed-loop data to its partners, Nordstrom gets closer to the consumer with AI, Tilly’s wins big with AR, Roots Canada goes all out with Northern Lights digital gift guide, Walmart’s Store No 8 takes on innovation and much, much more.

In a supply chain, a bottleneck governs its throughput, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Apparel and textile companies can dramatically and legally reduce landed costs for their exports in multi-tiered import transactions via the First Sale Rule.

ConsumerAffairs for Brands conducted a comprehensive analysis of 14 fashion brands to identify the five most frequently mentioned consumer complaints.

Eugen Neiculescu Co-Founder & Vice President of Product, UX and Design Adore Me   Chris Devous Vice President of Information Technology The Antigua Group   Michael Klepfer COO The Black Tux   John Hazen Chief Digital Officer Boot Barn

Designing clothes that work for diverse groups such as the 9,000 JetBlue crewmembers — including pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, aircraft maintenance, and ramp personnel — is no small feat, and getting custom-fitted uniforms delivered and ready to wear in just six weeks is a remarkable accom

The No. 1 denim brand is bringing its heritage to modern-day lifestyles with technology, music, innovation and new partnerships and collaborations.

If you’d been asleep since Election Day and woken up now, you might think Trump’s presidency was actually quite conventional. Here’s an inside look at the White House, and what you should really be paying attention to.

The China and Asia Textile Forum in Beijing surveyed the state of apparel and textile industry in Asia, shedding light on the future competitiveness of China and other sourcing options in the region.

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