How ERP Solutions Can Propel Apparel Companies into the Digital Future

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How ERP Solutions Can Propel Apparel Companies into the Digital Future

By Anil Das, Capgemini - 12/10/2018

Sometimes business presents challenges. Other times it gives you opportunities. Every so often, the stars align so that the opportunity comes along at the right time to address the challenge. Apparel companies have reached just such an inflection point.

First, the challenge: The list of existential threats has never been greater. Customer shopping preferences and buying behaviors have shifted radically. The competitive landscape has been turned upside down by powerful, nontraditional new business models.

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In response, apparel companies must make fast, fundamental changes to their business. They need to better integrate with retailers, including with the development of private brands. They have to sell direct to consumers and build lasting relationships. And they can no longer avoid true mastery of omnichannel commerce to achieve seamless customer insights and experiences.

Now, the opportunity: transforming your business by modernizing your ERP system. A new digital core can optimize your mission-critical processes, create new capabilities to better understand and anticipate customer needs, and provide a foundation that lets you take advantage of emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).