How Curalate's New Showroom Feature Takes Social Commerce to the Next Level

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How Curalate's New Showroom Feature Takes Social Commerce to the Next Level


Curalate introduced Curalate Showroom, an innovative solution that makes social the new storefront. With Curalate Showroom, images and videos on virtually any social channel become shoppable while simultaneously introducing people to products they never knew existed.

Curalate Showroom beta brands have seen that referral traffic from Showroom is of substantially higher quality as compared to typical social referral traffic. On average, Showroom resulted in a 53 percent reduction in bounce rate and 45 percent increase in time on site. Consumers engaging with Showroom also discovered up to 60X more products than what was depicted in the brands social post, demonstrating that with Showroom, consumers explore more products, bounce less and engage with brands for longer.

With roughly 2.5 billion people on social channels today, social is increasingly becoming the place for brands to showcase their offerings. However, while social is great at displaying content, its ability to connect content to commerce has been limited. Curalate Showroom bridges this gap, enabling brands to create a far better consumer experience while taking advantage of social's scale. Beta brands and retailers used Showroom on numerous consumer channels, including Facebook (organic and paid), Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and email.

Curalate introduced Showroom at the GrowCommerce Summit in New York, alongside David's Bridal. David's Bridal consumers are spending 102 percent more time in Showroom than a typical visit to their mobile site, clicking on 13x more products than with a typical social media post.

"Showroom is a great addition to our digital marketing toolbox," said Callie Canfield, senior director of global marketing communications, David's Bridal. "It's incredibly easy to use and, because of the relevant product recommendations and engaging content Showroom provides, the consumers who click through to our site are much more engaged with higher intent to purchase. We've seen great results so far on Facebook and will be rolling it out across all of our marketing channels." is one of the first brands to use Showroom to make organic Snapchat posts shoppable. "Showroom is another great feature from Curalate that further enables our strategy of seamless shopping integration across our social media platforms and site content," said Colby Walker, senior manager of digital experience, "Showroom is visual, engaging and showcases our products in a really intuitive way. The team can simply add links to Instagram Stories, Facebook and Snapchat to make them instantly shoppable without having to jump through any technical hoops to make it happen. We are really happy with the direction that this is going."

"We're in the midst of a massive shift from shopping in store to shopping online. While physical stores are great at driving discovery, digital commerce today is optimized for the things people know exist. Curalate Showroom enables brands and retailers to go beyond search and is the closest you can get to walking the aisles of a retail store, online," said Apu Gupta, CEO/co-founder, Curalate.