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Factory Audits & Compliance

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Factory Audits & Compliance.

Fortunately, the same tools and procedures that companies use to manage supply chains also offer opportunities to manage their social and environmental impacts — and to mitigate some of those impacts.

To truly have an impact when it comes to developing effective sustainability programs, apparel retailers and brands must look at the back-end of product creation: the supply chain.

A supply chain that is not transparent can lead to continued implementation of unsustainable and unethical business practices, which can undermine a company’s reputation and bottom line. There are several traditional methods to ensure supply chain transparency.

It's good news for U.S. athleisure brands and manufacturers.

This newly formed alliance will provide clients with a functionally rich solution to manage the conception and design phases of the supply chain.

Sourcing enables retailers to dramatically shorten the time to launch new products, by enabling them to select only vendors that meet their merchandising and fulfillment requirements.

With the use of Andromeda Vendor Compliance, retailers and brand owners can ensure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) compliance by streamlining vendor management.

Apparel and textile companies can dramatically and legally reduce landed costs for their exports in multi-tiered import transactions via the First Sale Rule.

What a differentiator it would be if a fashion label could leverage the same technology platform to power compliance efforts and empower consumers with valuable supply chain insights. Get ready, because that reality is near.

Congratulations to Apparel’s 40 Innovator Award winners, companies that got their creative spark on by looking at their business in new ways — taking a fresh approach to solving problems that were impeding growth, or developing new products for consumers that they didn’t even realize they needed, bu

This special issue is a guide to suppliers of software and related IT solutions to the apparel marketplace, including vendor contact information, operating system requirements and a round-up of functions and services.

Plus! Industry Perspectives

8th Annual Research Study:
PLM strategies are maturing. Early benefits from cost savings have been achieved and continue to be supported, and now apparel companies are increasingly viewing PLM as providing a critical platform for the next round of competitive evolution.

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