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A collection of featured Editor's Notes.

Retailers that can bring their digital and physical spaces together seamlessly to provide an easy, fun and meaningful experience for the consumer will win her loyalty. 

In recent years, the fashion business has made major strides in working to shift its image from one of an unsophisticated, non-tech, ‘rag’ business to a more forward-thinking, socially responsible and tech-savvy industry.

As organic growth is slowing, companies are relying on acquisitions to expand their businesses, and 2016 was a very active year for merger-and-acquisition activity.

There’s been no shortage of ink spilled in writing about the Millennials and attempting to divine the true nature of this generation by analyzing their every whim, behavior, and thought in an attempt to try to understand who they are, what motivates them, and, of course, to try to uncover their lea

No matter the lens through which you look, it seems safe to say that we are entering 2017 buffeted by winds of chaos, complexity and change. This is true always; these are characteristics that are inherent to the world in which we live.

As retailers work out the optimum balance of dressing room tech, it may be instructive to think about "getting naked once" with respect to all points of customer engagement.

Last month I participated in a panel discussion at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld event in San Jose, Calif. Each of us panelists was armed with two cards reading “hype” and “high priority,” respectively.

We live in a complex world that today seems more interwoven than ever before due to the rise of technology, trade and other forces that have exponentially increased the interconnectivity among all members of the globe.  Very recently, I’ve had the sense that we are at a tipping point, and that

You may have heard the story about how, in the 1950s, when General Mills launched a line of cake mixes under the famous Betty Crocker brand, it took a while to get things just right. You see, initially, the cake mixes included all of the dry ingredients plus the milk and eggs in powdered form.

In working on this month’s and last month's cover stories, on the top five department stores and top 50 apparel companies, respectively, there appeared, as usual, a number of threads that ran throughout the majority of the profiled companies and wove a tapestry that told a story larger than the for

Last month, I attended my first cabi event at the home of a friend. If you aren’t familiar with it, cabi (Carol Anderson by invitation) is a direct home sales business — like Pampered Chef, but with women’s apparel instead of kitchen gadgets.

I’ve been listening to an excellent podcast series recently called Judaism Unbound, which is on one hand about how Judaism may change over time to accommodate the evolving needs of the religion’s members but is at its core about institutions in general, how they form, organize themselves, grow larg

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