Don't Let Application Performance and Usability Issues Impact Your PLM Investment

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Don't Let Application Performance and Usability Issues Impact Your PLM Investment

It's a fact: when it comes to your supply chain, there's no such thing as 'fashionably' late. You're either in front of customers with the latest products, or you're behind the curve. That's why the fashion industry's most successful and savvy companies are taking a cue from other manufacturing industries and incorporating PLM (product lifecycle management) solutions to help accelerate the product development and delivery processes, while improving quality and controlling costs.

PLM solutions drive performance The benefits of PLM solutions in the fashion industry are clear: they can help drive profitability and overall performance by enabling manufacturers to hit their targets for revenue, cost, delivery dates, quality and development budgets. In fact, recent research by the Aberdeen Group indicates that "best in class" companies in fashion, apparel and footwear are 54 percent more likely than "industry average" companies to have an integrated PLM implementation in place. (See related article in this newsletter.)

But significant challenges remain While the benefits of a PLM solution are obvious, there are significant challenges that must be overcome to realize the maximum ROI. The fashion industry is as complex and global as any other. Sourcing materials within a single product line can involve a multitude of manufacturers, geographies and technologies. To be effective, therefore, a PLM solution must offer a high level of performance and usability to promote global adoption and use by ALL stakeholders. Add reliability and security concerns into the mix, and the demands of PLM solution deployment can seem overwhelming.

The Internet: an imperfect platform

The Internet, of course, makes such interconnectivity possible - but it is far from perfect as a platform for doing global business in real time. That's why the companies who are realizing the most benefit from their PLM solution have solved the performance challenges that impact application adoption and use throughout their global supply chains.

Akamai delivers a better Internet for business

Many of the leaders in fashion, apparel and footwear have overcome the challenges of application deployment on the Internet by partnering with Akamai Technologies. Based in Cambridge, MA, with offices around the globe, Akamai has created a network of more than 25,000 servers worldwide that help streamline Internet performance for businesses, organizations and even governments! In the retail space, more than half of the world's top 50 online retailers trust Akamai to ensure their customers enjoy fast, seamless online shopping. So what does this have to do with your PLM solution?

Web Application Accelerator drives PLM application performance worldwide

The same technology that helps Akamai speed the delivery of rich media, software and other content also powers the delivery of sophisticated applications - such as PLM solutions - to global user bases. Akamai's Web Application Accelerator solution is specifically designed to guarantee greater performance, reliability and security for end users regardless of where they're located, so they can collaborate, communicate and transact business in real time. The Akamai platform can help accelerate PLM processes from conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. Application latency and availability issues for PLM solutions are eliminated, reducing manufacturing timeframes and addressing product availability issues which impact everyone - manufacturer, retailer and customer!

The bottom line: Akamai can ensure maximum ROI on your PLM investment

Fashion, apparel and footwear companies spend millions of dollars on PLM applications - often only to see the benefits and ROI go largely unrealized. If you're considering the value of a PLM solution - or trying to maximize the value of your existing implementation - I invite you to learn how Akamai's Web Application Accelerator can make your investment more effective and profitable. Download more information now.