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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

To provide a seamless omnichannel experience, leading retailers are implementing technology to deliver unique recommendations, leveraging data to provide services across all channels, and developing global inventory pools for real-time access to items anywhere, at any time.

For fast-fashion retailers that are determined to compete in the fast-paced online world, it is critical to digitize supply chains and be capable of analyzing real-time sales data to understand where customers’ preferences are trending.

This is the one thing everyone is missing about Amazon.

With unified enterprise systems for greater inventory visibility, algorithms designed to gain deeper product and customer insights, 3D for faster and more efficient design and development, and much much more, this year’s Innovators are addressing and fulfilling consumer demand.

Apparel retailers and brands are trying to meet the needs of millions of markets of one. That’s not easy, but smart and thoughtful strategy combined with technologies such as AI are making it possible for this subscription-model retailer, and many others.

The solution is allowing the men's wear retailer to focus on the customer to successfully increase profitability, get immediate insight into opportunities to grow, and take action quickly while easily determining the results.

Personalized, unique customer experiences must be tethered to a reliable and comprehensive source of data behind the scenes.

The top-performing public apparel firms are working diligently to meet consumer demand with innovative product, fast delivery and seamless experiences across channels, while facing down the challenges of a swiftly changing retail world.

In a new report, market intelligence firm IDC unveiled 10 predictions it expects to see in the near term.

In a new report, market intelligence firm IDC unveiled 10 predictions it expects to see in the near term.

AI, 3D, Amazon, blockchain, omnichannel, reshoring and demands for sustainability are transforming the apparel industry.

Half of customers say they’d keep shopping with a brand after a creepy experience, but, crucially, 22 percent report they will leave for other brands.

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