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For the past decade, Apparel magazine and Kurt Salmon have teamed up to look at the elements involved in global sourcing excellence for apparel.

The top-performing public apparel firms are working diligently to meet consumer demand with innovative product, fast delivery and seamless experiences across channels, while facing down the challenges of a swiftly changing retail world.

A picture is emerging that supports the marriage of a PLM strategy and the technology backbone to design and develop apparel and soft goods products that are increasingly likely to embed internet-enabled technologies.


From sustainability and artificial intelligence to automating workflows, doubling down on fit technology and perfecting patterns, this year’s innovative cohort shows that there’s no wrong way to move your business forward and rise above the competition - even as the stakes get higher every day.

With the continuing shift in customer preferences away from the physical store, a lingering low-growth environment in many parts of the world, and an unforgiving global marketplace that demands unprecedented technological sophistication, some retailers, including apparel companies, are being confron

CRM, SCM, Multi-Channel Management Push Up 2017 Spending Plans

From raw materials and ideation tools to solutions for sourcing and logistics and digital retail, the comprehensive Concept-to-Store Shelf Guide is your one-stop shop to find the trusted partners you need to propel your apparel business forward amid increasing competition. Plus, hear from the expert

CRM, SCM, multi-channel management push up 2017 spending plans.

We can’t wear out our garments as fast as we replace them. So what do we do with all that stuff?

We present to you 30 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, champions of change and dedicated talents of the apparel industry. 

Moving beyond just putting wires into clothing, the world of wearable tech is investing big money in developing smart fabrics and advanced manufacturing, while nimble startups create novel products and solutions that are market-ready.

Fifty top-performing apparel firms are working feverishly to innovate with product, win the hearts of the consumer, balance their footprint, and bring home the profits. Read on for a curated examination of what’s happening inside the walls of the prestigious 2016 Apparel Top 50.

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