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Jordan Speer

Jordan Speer is Apparel's editor-in-chief. She can be reached at

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September 2017

I still remember the grand entrance Jeff Bezos made to deliver his keynote address at Retail Systems, way back in 2003.

August 2017

Last month as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I alit on a tweet that made me stop in my tracks: a photo of the most delicious-looking ice cream sundae I have ever seen.
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August 2017

It requires a more integrated, standards-based approach across all members of the supply chain.

There’s no one right way to enact a digital transformation, but there are important considerations that can help you map out your best path.

Retailers already know they need a stable website to capture orders.

“RLM allows us to accurately determine our raw materials requirements, which is a critical component to easily purchasing our fabrics and trims,” says CEO Wen Zhou.

Buckle is a proud champion of the military, and shows its support in many ways, including by sending care packages to soldiers overseas.

When it comes to product launches, marketing and other store-level events, retailers invest a lot of money to research, brand, package and market, yet many of these big projects lose steam when it comes to executing at the store level.

FOSSIL was losing a lot of time, energy and money to redundancy and inefficiency, and it needed to integrate and unify its product development processes.

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