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2018 Technology Outlook in the Apparel Market

Apparel's survey of apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers reveals expectations for technology focus in the coming year, including an emphasis on BI and analytics for gleaning an even deeper understanding of the consumer.

To effectively deliver on omnichannel and wow the consumer, retailers and brands must focus on accuracy, consistency and perfecting the returns process.

Rent-the-Runway feeds closed-loop data to its partners, Nordstrom gets closer to the consumer with AI, Tilly’s wins big with AR, Roots Canada goes all out with Northern Lights digital gift guide, Walmart’s Store No 8 takes on innovation and much, much more.

I’m excited to be working with Apparel because it crosses the entire supply chain to encompass the best of both worlds — retailer and manufacturer.

Every tech solution that a brand has seen was a solution to someone else’s challenge. Don’t let one-size-fits-all tech undermine the real motivation to activate a physical space.

New microsite connects fashion designers to digital fabric printing information, products and opportunities for collaboration.

Park Avenue Apparel will license the Little Black Pant brand and Fitlogic technology to make ready-to-wear clothing for its in-house labels and for other retail brands.

The No. 1 denim brand is bringing its heritage to modern-day lifestyles with technology, music, innovation and new partnerships and collaborations.

By combining the Lectra and Kubix Lab offers, Lectra will equip fashion customers with an end-to-end platform for managing product information.

With Amazon continuing to expand its footprint and the rise of new technologies such as AI and VR, there are several important questions looming over the e-commerce landscape at the end of 2017 – and a wide array of opportunities available to marketers in the years to come.

Contextual analytics allow retailers to better personalize the in-store experience, leading to an increase in basket size and more engaged customers.

Enterprise software provider Simparel has changed its name to EXENTA. Key drivers for the move include the company’s recent exponential sales growth, product line expansion and advancement and international market penetration.

Fortunately, the same tools and procedures that companies use to manage supply chains also offer opportunities to manage their social and environmental impacts — and to mitigate some of those impacts.

To truly have an impact when it comes to developing effective sustainability programs, apparel retailers and brands must look at the back-end of product creation: the supply chain.

An in-store, in-aisle marketing solution powered by Manthan’s TargetOne personalized marketing engine, delivered to customers via the retailer’s mobile app, lets retailers send personalized notifications based on consumer preferences.

Iconic brand Jordache turns to virtual fit processes to reduce its number of samples and time to market.

In a new report, market intelligence firm IDC unveiled 10 predictions it expects to see in the near term.

In a new report, market intelligence firm IDC unveiled 10 predictions it expects to see in the near term.

When it comes to maintaining sales throughout the year, one of the best strategies is to identify “gift givers,” or people buying items as gifts for their friends and family, and personalizing your message to this audience.

Tim Gunn enthralled the audience of apparel industry professionals at Gerber Technology's annual ideation conference.

The eminently quotable Tim Gunn shared his wide-ranging thoughts on apparel technology’s evolution, the importance of diversity in fashion, embracing risks, sustainability and more at Gerber Technology’s ideation conference in Los Angeles.

Retailers are in a war for talent. Technology can help cut costs and increase efficiency.

Retailers are in a war for talent. Technology can help cut costs and increase efficiency.

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