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The Future of Retail Logistics

Drone delivery. Autonomous vehicles. AI bots. The retail logistics market is on the cusp of huge disruption.

Outlook 2018: The View from Apparel’s Editorial Advisory Board

AI, 3D, Amazon, blockchain, omnichannel, reshoring and demands for sustainability are transforming the apparel industry.

2018 Retail Tech Trends Insights Heading into NRF

By most counts, 2018 is not a year retail industry will see downward trajectory.

With Amazon continuing to expand its footprint and the rise of new technologies such as AI and VR, there are several important questions looming over the e-commerce landscape at the end of 2017 – and a wide array of opportunities available to marketers in the years to come.


INFOGRAM: Building Customer Retention and Loyalty Across Channels

7/6/2017 — Today’s supply chains can also be much simpler because of technology solutions that allow for transparency into one version of the truth, in real time, on one single platform.

Nominate a 2018 Top Innovator Today!

Nominate a 2018 Top Innovator Today!

Know an innovative apparel brand, retailer or manufacturer that deserves industry recognition? 


At Gerber Ideation, Ariel Swedroe Talks Design Technology

Apparel Under-30 Elite and fashion designer Ariel Swedroe presented select swimwear styles at the Gerber Ideation conference in November.

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Rethinking Retail: Reinvention Required, Even Without Silver Bullets or Magic Wands

For several years, “innovation” has been one of the hottest topics in retail. With so much change and disruption taking place all around, it’s easy to see why retailers have been so eager to find silver bullet solutions to their in-store traffic and market share woes. 


Nordstrom Has It, Others Don't

Nordstrom knows that salespeople should be as loyal to the brand as its customers.


From Around the Store to Around the World: The CX Journey

Shopping tourism, as it’s known, is an extreme example of the brass ring of retail today: achieving a fantastic customer experience (CX).

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