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3D & Virtual Reality

Using more than 200 data points on each foot captured by the Wiivv app and any smartphone camera, Wiivv’s cutting-edge technology allows computer algorithms to pinpoint the unique length, width and arch height of each person’s unique feet, creating insoles and footwear with an accurate, customized

Similar to the way iTunes disrupted and personalized the way we all consume music, 3D-printed garments will revolutionize the way consumers buy clothes.

SAIA instantly provides body measurements from two photos with greater than 98 percent accuracy, front body and profile body, taken by a customer.

TDL Systems Inc. just launched 3D-printed custom sandals, first of this kind, on a Kickstarter campaign.

Learn about three of the top tech trends upending retail and how your apparel retail business can take advantage.

TUKAcad, TUKAcutplan and SMARTmark enabled Cupid Intimates to streamline the design process in a way that made significant improvement in lead time.

Retailers must keep pace with shifting shopper behavior.

A new report from Oracle Retail reveals consumers likes and dislikes when it comes to how technology can influence and inform the shopping experience.

A new partnership with BodiData gives Alvanon's apparel sector analysts immediate access to the world's largest database of body measurement data of more than 1 million North American men, women and adolescents.

They're making it possible to create a shopper's realistic avatar without involving measuring tape or a 3D body scan.

To date, CAD and rendering software solutions have been limited in their ability to visualize physical appearance characteristics such as texture, gloss, transparency and opacity.

FTL Moda will deliver a runway show on Feb. 14, that includes the first-ever virtual interaction with collections, a museum-style backstage, futuristic mannequins showcasing the actual collections, and Samsung tablets featuring end-of-aisle product details.

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